Client Testimonials

Mr & Mrs William B

Our son Christopher was involved in a head on car crash in November 2009 which resulted in Traumatic Brain Injury ( TBI ). He spent 18 days in a coma and 15 months in various hospitals and rehabilitation units. Christopher was bed bound for the first 6 months. For the last four months Christopher was seen by a Mr Chris Wynne for physiotherapy. At first Christopher was only able to stand transfer to a wheelchair, and able to walk for a few yards with help. He was unable to place his left foot flat on the floor due to the shortening of the tendons in his left leg. This meant that walking was painful and caused Christopher to hop. Christopher was only just becoming aware of things and was verbally aggressive at times.

Within weeks, Christopher and his physiotherapist Chris Wynne, had an understanding that enabled Christopher to walk for 40 yds., from the Gym back to his room. We saw a great improvement in his posture and balance. We are so grateful to Mr Wynne for his patience and expertise he showed in his treatment of our son. He always encouraged our participation in Christopher’s therapy sessions and took time to explain things to Christopher and ourselves so that we all understood the course of treatment. We firmly believe that Mr Wynne made it possible to allow Christopher to start home visits within 3 months of being under his care leading to Christopher’s discharge for hospital a month later. On discharge Christopher was able to walk upright placing both feet properly on the floor, able to go up and down stairs unaided and has not used a wheelchair since. Although Christopher has continued with therapy after discharge it has all been made easier because of the expertise of Mr Wynne. If we didn’t live on the opposite side of the country we would certainly have employed Mr Wynne to continue helping Christopher achieve his physical goals.

The P Family

When our father left hospital, we were told he would never walk again. He could not move his left side at all. The physiotherapists at The Rehab Physio have been so supportive in helping us learn to help Dad on a daily basis and have helped him develop the strength, feeling and confidence to walk again. We can now go out as a family and enjoy life more. He continues to improve with their help. We are thankful everyday that we found The Rehab Physio.

Mrs B

My husband used to be active, despite losing a leg when he was young. He had struggled in recent years due to suffering a stroke, combined with breathlessness caused by bronchiectasis. He has found it so liberating being able to move around more freely and with more confidence and stamina following his hydrotherapy sessions.