Neurological physiotherapy- North West

The underlying principle of Neurological Physiotherapy is that the human body is an amazing thing. It adapts to the demands we put on it.

After illness/injury people can alter their posture to compensate for their deficit (e.g. pain, balance, power). This can send you off balance, or cause you even more pain.

It is the skill of the neurological physiotherapist to analyse your posture, muscle tone, movement control, co-ordination and interaction with your environment to be able to formulate a plan that encourages you to put the most appropriate demands on your body to allow it to respond in a more efficient manner, and develop with practice.

Our assessment

On first meeting us, you will need to undergo an initial assessment. This will involve going through the history of your symptoms in detail and identifying which is the most important to you to change. We will also need to know your relevant medical history and relevant medications you are taking to inform us of any precautions that we need to take.

Treatments will consist of a mixture of hands on therapy, specific exercises, and functional practice.

Following on from this we will do a physical assessment, which will usually occur on a plinth, a bed or the floor, depending on your physical ability and the environment. During this assessment, we will assess your posture, the movement of your arms and legs, your stability, co-ordination and balance, sensation and your ability to carry out typical daily functions. This assessment will form the basis of your rehabilitation plan. We will be honest and tell you exactly what we find, to help you make an informed decision on any future treatments you may wish to consider how often you would need to be seen and what you need to start doing to move forwards.

Your treatment will consist of a mixture of hands on therapy, specific exercises, and functional practice. Other treatments such as hydrotherapy, botox injections, splinting can be assessed for and recommendations made regarding these. From your assessment, we may recommend other services such as Occupational Therapy for consideration.

In all instances we will set a time frame for our goals and measure progress, ensuring you are clear about what stage you are at and what you are aiming for.